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This page contains our complete service list. Read it and learn in advance exactly what we can do for you. At MX Remodeling Inc, we want our customers to feel comfortable with our upcoming partnership, which is why we offer them as much information as possible about our company, work, and policies. Our transparency has earned us the trust and repeat business of countless property owners in Bronx, NY and we believe it will win us yours as well.

Complete Home Renovation

Complete Home Renovation

Our Services Are

Home Improvement and Remodeling

At MX Remodeling Inc, we have the experience and technical resources to remodel and improve residential and commercial properties. We can change the layout of your home or workplace, add new features, upgrade outdated elements, and more. Watch us bring your property back to life and increase its curb appeal.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

Apart from remodeling your entire property, we can also handle partial improvement projects. We can renovate your kitchen and bathroom and convert them into modern, practical, and stylish areas that will accommodate all your needs.


Have us refresh your walls by adding a new coat of paint. We use various techniques to apply even layers and create interesting patterns that add to the interior design of a house or office. We work with care to prevent air pockets, chips, and flakes that can ruin the paint job.


Use our flooring services in Bronx, NY and ask us to install your floor. We will place each piece diligently to avert any blemishes that can become tripping hazards or compromise the integrity of your flooring.

Cabinetry Installation

Poorly installed cabinets are prone to leaning and falling. With our help, your cabinetry will be correctly affixed and anchored in place. We guarantee satisfactory results.

Deck and Porch Construction

We can build decks and porches of all sizes, shapes, and styles. We use professional-grade materials and coating products to construct sturdy but eye-catching structures that can withstand the natural elements and last for years to come. We will make sure your outdoor features feel like a natural extension of your property.

(347) 833-8310 is the number that you should call to book one or several of our services. We are ready to start new projects!

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